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The following are some select papers on CFD solutions using AcuSolve in different industrial applications.


  1. Calculation of Manoeuvring Forces on Submarines Using Two Viscous-Flow Solvers. G. Vaz, S. Toxopeus, and S. Holmes. View

Offshore Oil Platforms

  1. Numerical Wave Tank Analysis of Wave Run-Up on a Truncated Vertical Cylinder. J. Kim, J. O'Sullivan, S. Cosgrove, and R. Jaiman. View
  2. Dynamic Analysis of Riser Release and Lowering. S. Atluri, N. Liu, A. Sablok, and T. Weaver. View
  3. Vortex Induced Vibration Analysis of a Complex Subsea Jumper. S. Holmes, and Y. Constantinides. View
  4. Calculation of Manoeuvring Forces on Submarines Using Two Viscous-Flow Solvers. G. Vaz, S. Toxopeus, and S. Holmes. View
  5. CFD Modeling Of Corrugated Flexible Pipe. R. K. Jaiman, O. H. Oakley, and J. D. Adkins. View
  6. Numerical Modeling Of Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Two Flexible Risers. M. Springer, R. K. Jaiman, S.Cosgrove and Y. Constantinides. View
  7. Fully Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction for Offshore Applications. R. K. Jaiman, F. Shakib, O. H. Oakley and Y. Constantinides. View
  8. CFD as a Design Tool for Hydrodynamic Loading on Offshore Structures. S. Atluri, A. Magee, and K. Lombrakos. View
  9. Numerical Simulations of Cylinder VIV focusing on High Harmonics. Y. Constantinides and O. H. Oakley. View
  10. Centerwell Water Motions and Hydrodynamic Loading Using Viscous Flow Calculations. S. Holmes, J. Gebara and A. Magee.   View
  11. Using CFD to study the effects of staggered buoyancy on drilling riser VIV. S. Holmes, O. H. Oakley, K. Raghavan and Y. Constantinides.   View
  12. Numerical prediction of VIV and comparison with field experiments. Y. Constantinides and O. H. Oakley.   View
  13. Predicting Spar VIM Using CFD. S. Holmes.   View
  14. CFD Truss Spar Hull Benchmarking Study. O. H. Oakley and Y. Constantinides.   View
  15. CFD High L/D Riser Modeling Study. Y. Constantinides, O. H. Oakley and S. Holmes.   View
  16. Simulation of Riser VIV Using Fully Three Dimensional CFD Simulations. S. Holmes, O. H. Oakley and Y. Constantinides.   View
  17. Numerical Prediction of Bare and Straked Cylinder VIV. Y. Constantinides and O. H. Oakley.   View
  18. CFD Simulation of Truss Spar Vortex-Induced Motion. S. Atluri, J. Halkyard and S. Sirnivas.   View
  19. Truss Spar Vortex Induced Motions: Benchmarking of CFD and Model Tests. J. Halkyard, S. Atluri and S. Sirnivas.   View
  20. Analysis of Turbulent Flows and VIV of Truss Spar Risers. Y. Constantinides, O. H. Oakley and S. Holmes.   View
  21. Benchmarking of Truss Spar Vortex Induced Motions Derived from CFD with Experiments. J. Halkyard, S. Sirnivas, S. Holmes, Y. Constantinides, O. H. Oakley Jr. and K. Thiagarajan.   View
  22. CFD Analysis of Vortex-Induced Motions of Bare and Straked Cylinders in Currents. K. P. Thiagarajan1, Y. Constantinides and L. Finn.   View
  23. Modeling Vortex Induced Motions for Sparse in Uniform and Stratified Flows. O. H. Oakley Jr., Y. Constantinides, C. Navarro and S. Holmes.   View

Computational Aero Acoustics

  1. CFD Simulation of Flow Tones from Grazing Flow past a Deep Cavity. T. Bagwell.   View
  2. Validation of CAA Formulation Based on LightHill's Analogy for a Cooling Fan and Mower Blade Noise. R. Sandboge, K. Washburn and C. Peak.   View
  3. Presentation of a CAA Formulation Based on LightHill's Analogy for Fan Noise. S. Caro, R. Sandboge, J. Iyer and Y. Nishio.   View
  4. Validation of a CAA Formulation Based on Lighthill's Analogy Using AcuSolve and Actran/LA on an Idealized Automotive HVAC Blower and on an Axial Fan. R. Sandboge, S. Caro, P. Ploumhans, R. Ambs, B. Schillemeit, K. B. Washburn and F. Shakib.   View
  5. CFD Analysis for a Centrifugal Benchmark Blower with Flat Hub I: Flow Structures and Noise Source Generation. R. Sandboge.   View
  6. A New CAA Formulation based on Lighthill's Analogy applied to an Idealized Automotive HVAC Blower using AcuSolve and Actran/LA. S. Caro, P. Ploumhans, X. Gallez, R. Sandboge, F. Shakib and M. Matthes.   View

Fluid Structure Interaction

  1. Fluid-Structure interaction with OpenFSI™ and MD Nastran™ structural solver. R. Sandboge. View

Turbulence Modeling

  1. Industrial Application of RANS modelling: Capabilities and Needs. D.Corson, R.Jaiman and F.Shakib. Link
  2. Assessment of DES Models for Separated Flow from a Hump in a Turbulent Boundary Layer. Daniel C. Lyons, Leonard J. Peltier, Frank J. Zajaczkowski and Eric. G. Paterson.   View

Chemical Mixing

  1. Process Intensifier: Optimization Using CFD (Part 1). P. Csiszar, K. Johnson and T. Post.   View
  2. Undestand Flow Patterns in Glass-Lined Reactors. D. S. Dickey, K. J. Bittorf, C. R. Ramsey and K. Johnson.   View
  3. Dynamics of Laminar Mixing in Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors. P. C. Arratia, J. Kukura and F. J. Muzzio.   View
  4. Mechanisms of Mixing and Creation of Structure in Laminar Stirred Tanks. M. M. Alvarez, J. M. Zalc, T. Shinbrot, P. E. Arratia and F. J. Muzzio.   View
  5. Using CFD To Understand Chaotic Mixing in Laminar Stirred Tanks. J. M. Zalc, E. S. Szalai, M. M. Alvarez and F.J. Muzzio.   View
  6. Extensive Validation of Computed Laminar Flow in a Stirred Tank with Three Rushton Turbines. J. M. Zalc, M. M. Alvarez, F. J. Muzzio and B. E. Arik.   View
  7. Practical Chaotic Mixing. M. M. Alvarez-Hernandez, T. Shinbrot, J. Zalc and F. J. Muzzio.   View
  8. Characterization of Flow and Mixing in an SMX Static Mixer. J. M. Zalc, E. S. Szalai, F. J. Muzzio and S. Jaffer.   View
  9. Validating the Galerkin Least-Square Finite Element Methods in Predicting Mixing Flows in Stirred Tank Reactors. K. Johnson and K. J. Bittorf.   View
  10. Validation of the ORCA CFD Software for Three Stirred Tank Configurations: Rushton Turbine Impellers, Pitched Bladed Impeller, and the Ekato Interming Impeller. E. S. Szalai, F. J. Muzzio and K. J. Bittorf.   View
  11. Validation of the ORCA CFD Software Using SMX and Kenics Static Mixer Elements. E. S. Szalai, F. J. Muzzio and K. J. Bittorf.   View
  12. Computer Aided Mixing Modeling Using the Galerkin Least-Squares Finite Element Technique. K. J. Bittorf and K. Johnson.   View
  13. Attraction of Minute Particles to Invariant Regions of Volume Preserving Flows by Transients. T. Shinbrot, M. M. Alvarez, J. M. Zalc and F. J. Muzzio.   View
  14. Understanding Pharmaceutical Flows. J. Kukura, P. C. Arratia, E. S. Szalai, K. J. Bittorf and F. J. Muzzio.   View

External Aerodynamics

  1. A Practical Analysis of Unsteady Flow Around a Bicycle Wheel, Fork and Partial Frame Using CFD. Matthew. N. Godo, David Corson, and Steve M. Legensky. View
  2. A Comparative Aerodynamic Study of Commercial Bicycle Wheels using CFD. Matthew. N. Godo, David Corson, and Steve M. Legensky. View
  3. An Aerodynamic Study of Bicycle Wheel Performance using CFD. M. Godo, D. Corson and S. Legensky. View

Train CFD Simulations

  1. High-Speed Passenger and Intercity Train Aerodynamic Computer Modeling. S. Holmes, E. Toma and M. Schroeder.   View
  2. Measurement of the Aerodynamic Pressures Produced by Passing Trains. R. A. MacNeill, S. Holmes and H. S. Lee.   View

Urban Modeling

  1. Fine Scale Modeling of Urban Structures: Dependence on Grid and Model Features. S. E. Haupt, R. P. Wilson, L. J. Peltier and R. F. Junz.   View
  2. Practical Application of the LES Method to Mixing in Large Indoor Spaces Features. K. J. Knight, K. K. Debus, J. M. Berkoe and T. J. Dasey.   View
  3. High Fidelity Modeling of Urban Features. L. J. Peltier, S. E. Haupt and J. C. Wyngaard.   View

Simulation Based Design

  1. Toward Simulation-Based Design. M. S. Shephard, M. W. Beall, R. M. O'Bara and B. E. Webster.   View

Biological Flows

  1. Development and Verification of a High-Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of Canine Nasal Airflow. B. A. Craven, E. G. Paterson, G. S. Settles and M. J. Lawson. View
  2. Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow in the Aortic Arch during Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Yoshiyuki Tokuda, Min-Ho Song, Yuichi Ueda, Akihiko Usui, Toshiaki Akita, Shigeru Yoneyama and Shigeru Maruyama.   View

Civil Engineering Applications

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Tacoma Narrows Bridge Upgrade Project. K. Debus, J. Berkoe, B. Rosendall and F. Shakib.   View
  2. CFD Analysis of Large Caisson Interaction with Current at Supercritical Reynolds Number. K. Subrata, K. Debus, J. Berkoe and B. Rosendall.   View